Subj: Neuro-Torture/Extortion-Homicide in the U.S. by Various Cult Agents

Date: 97-10-20 00:17:32 EDT - Updated 97-10-29 00:21:41 EDT

From: GJohnson


Dear Amnesty International:

I have been neurologically and neuropsychologically interfered with and actually tortured here in the U.S. (and also in Canada, where I previously resided) for over twenty years by what are apparently very many cult agents on the far-right, some of whom claim association with the 'Reverend Moon' cult (although others are represented as well, including radical 'Christian' mind-control agents and the 'Scientology' cult). A few of these agents have, on occasion, professed 'Australian' origins, for which reason I thought I would send you a message, as well (I am sending messages to several Amnesty International branches, including those in Canada and Korea).  Over the course of this long ordeal, I have been prevented from making an income excep in the most nominal form and extensive amounts of money have been extorted from my bank account by direct cortical control and resultant actional or behavioural manipulation.

Please do not contact the police about this, as covert 'police' agents on the far-right are most likely involved in my torture and have affiliations with the radical 'Christian' groups responsible. You may access further information concerning this situation by calling up the material at, a website at which I have established a set of information pages. My e-mail can be found by accessing the page OVER THE HORIZON and then finding your way, via the buttons there, to earlier pages of the website with e-mail links.

These agents have pressured me for technical details (and innovative ideas) associated with such devices as involve Radio-Nucleonic (i.e. Hyperon) Broadcast Amplification, Supersonic, Turbine-driven Plasma Accelerators, Radio-Saturated Hydrogen Condenser Cell Matrices associated with High-Frequency Electro-Charging Armatures and Catalytically Seeded Hydrogen Vapour Pressure Containment of High-Frequency Oscillation/Electro-Charging form (or) of PASER Enhanced form, Such that a Pion-Enriched Thermo-Nuclear Plasma (and Thermo-Nuclear Evaporate) result, as well as Hyperon/Neutron Diffraction (and Fission Containment Lattices) and their role in Primary Thermonuclear Triggering.

They have further attempted to derive from me various aerospace engineering formulations, including that for a Quantum-Mechanically Structured, pi+/pi- Field-Interacting Engine or a Matter/Anti-Matter Field Interacting Engine of Hierarchically Sequential and/or Quantal/Gradiential Type and Resultant, Differential Output or Propulsion, as well as that for the Thermo-Nuclear Pumps designed to energize such a Matter/Anti-Matter Field-Interaction in Bi-Polar or n-Polar Context.  Specifically, they have asked me about the feasibility of using such pumps to energize Matter/Anti-Matter Collider (Field) Processes which are involved in the formulation of this propulsion technique.

The American underworld agents appear to have FIXED the local Amnesty International chapter and other 'help' organizations. These people will not be in position or capacity to believe that 'anything is wrong' here and this is in fact the plan on the far-right; to subvert and neutralize any available assistance to the left. Most chapter members are drawn from artificially fixed or guided population elements. For all I know, the KKK or a similar right-wing organization may even control the local chapter in the background - subtle disguise is the most important part of right-wing puppet-agent operations. They have already proven to me that they can imitate the left and the far-left so that it is possible they can artificially construct and guide pseudo-left-wing agents and even center agencies such as Amnesty, including agents of the American Civil Liberties Union, for example.

Thanks for your considerations

Glenn Johnson

A Canadian residing in Lincoln, NE


10/22pm    MOTLEY FOOL murder, genocidal maiming agents, R. Schneiber/F. Schneiber (etc.), D. Humann, C. Kelly, NEBRASKA MILITIA (with State Senatorial Support through Sen. John DeCamp) - Latvian-style death squads using acoustic MASER techniques, horrendous neuro-homicidal torture for 'incomparable' purposes (i.e. to result vegetablization of the victim, who is usually quite bright, sociable beforehand).  QU DO murder, genocide agents or (Nip.) 'Question School (DO)' agents (the 'question is usually "will you marry me?" - a facetious question) and QU DO becomes a play on the American terms "I do" - 'Christian IDENTITY Movement' murder, genocidal retardation and neuropsychological artificialization agents, E-BOND murder agents (agents involved in stocks and bonds at a petty level and who use their involvement in the same as 'proof of their superiority' (to those they victimize and murder)).  These appear to be linked to the SCIENTOLOGY cult as do most 'E'-type agents, as well as to the OBJECTIVIST cult or the AYN RAND murder, genocide cult - South African SHALOM/SHALLOT cult or (OM) Zionist Organized Murder (ZOM) cult.  From AYN RAND we can get NRA or the National Rifle Association (and members of the same involved in cult activities) as well.  IS-ONDE is another variant or ISRAELI WAVE neuro-homicidal agents and RADIOSONDE (a variation on the same) or IS-RAD (ISRAELI RADIATION, ISRAEL RAD(ical) or radical Zionist murder, genocide agents).  This cult is also referred to as the Jewish Balloon cult or as JU-BALLOON, JUBELTAG, JUBELFEST, JUBELJAHR, etc. and is devoted to genocidal interference with the non-Zionist population (particularly the German/Norse sector) in the U.S. and elsewhere.

10/22pm      C(17)H(21)O(4)N front and murder agents, PERFECT MISCIBILITY or PM murder front (probably negro), 'The WARREN Commission' or COMMIT CELL psychopaths, neuro-homicide agents, CONTRACT FOR AMERICA (CFA) or KKK/GOP murder cell, OHNE CT (without relativity) and WITHOUT CONNECTION murder agents or WOC, S. Banks, A. Mancuso, Bob Kneifel, M. Bleich, so-called SEMI-SKILLED ORDER or SSO murder agents or SHOAH FOUNDATION (Zionist 'SHOW ME' murder, genocide agents), SHADOW OF DOUBT (SOD) and ATOMIC BOND murder, genocide agents, SLALOM (Zionist Organized Murder or OM) and SHALOM (Zionist Organized Murder), etc., ONA (O-NAND), ELAND, ELAAT, etc., CROISSANT ('Christian' murder agents) - Lyndon Larouche cult, le sabotage moribond, le sabotage à mulâtre, LA TRIBUNE LIBRE, LE GARDE À MERDE ou GAME (etc.) murder agents, IBM/AT&T WEB-JAM and WEB-LOCK (BLOCK-OUT and 'CLOSE THE DOOR') genocidal conspiracy, DIVI-DEND (sexual robbery) motive in homicide, genocide of German/Norse intellectuals - so-called 'IDEMPOTENCE' Komplott or artificially matrixed 'identity' and sexual manipulation.  COLOUR MALAVISÉ (negroes used to torture whites) et AUX OMBILICAL or UX-OM (i.e. BUXOM) conspiracy - German/Norse people used as 'disposable slaves' for bio-essentialistic extortion purposes including breast enlargment, fertility, muscle-building, etc. by Zionist genocide agents and their associates on the far-right (many are negro or RAP-IV (neuro-homicidal rape) agents, IV-RAP, 4-RAP, RAP-4 agents, etc.), MISTY MOUSE/MAUS, AF or 'human essence air freshener' murder, extortion-murder agents, lesbian ABREAST murder agents (KEEP ABREAST AND STAY ABREAST or KEEP and STAY murder, genocide agents - including some transvestite homosexual agents), Rosalind H., Rosalind N., Rosalind P., Rosalind DeCamp, Rosalind Davidson, Rosalind Schneider/Snyder, etc., Rosalind Howard, Rosalind Howell, Ron Howard, D. Bloomberg, A. Merrick, ITSY MOUSE/MAUS torture-murder,  RCA 'BLACK EYE' neuro-homicide (Thomas Blackburn (etc.) - murder agents, 'complot à yeux' (AYOS DIOS) murder agents, complot d'oefs (pour oefs) murder, genocide agents, la magnanarie (silkfarm) genocide agents (Nebraska) ou MAGNA, MAGNANIME, etc. - use BLACK MIME agents for homicidal, genocidal purposes, les provacateurs délinquant (negros) ou JEWISH SATISFACTION (genocide) agents and SOMBRE DÉMAND (SOD, OM, B'REED, NEGRO (Zionist) DEMAND, BLACK DEMAND, BLANK DEMAND, ACID KYKE (Zionist murder agents), GLITTER (SONO) murder agents or AWKWARD KYKE (AK) murder agents, UNE GARROTTE, UN GARROT, etc. or UNGAWA murder agents, SOURCE À MONTÉE (in Canada, extortion-murder carried out to 'substance' an RCMP career) or SAMOS (MOSSAD) murder, genocide agents.

10/23am     So-called UPC ('Urban Poor Colloquium') or 'BAR-CODE' genocidal enslavement and neuro-homicide agents - 'Martin Sheen' Front or 'Bishop Sheen' Front (KKK/SHIN-CASH/SHIN-KACH), AL or 'American Labour' Front murder, genocide agents - SCAB-2 or negro 'STEALTH-2' and 'STEALTH-POL' (anti-caucasian) genocide agents - could be USAF or ex-USAF-connected, MAYNARD G. KREBBS murder front or MGK/GKM (etc.) - so-called 'GILLIGAN'S ISLAND' or LILY-WHITE SHIN ('Easter Lily') murder agents - some KKK, some 'Christian Identity Movement' and Asian BLACK GENE murder, genocide agents (i.e. 'Unifications Church' and 'Scientology', etc.), ROS-POL, ROSE-POLE, or ROPE-A-DOPE murder agents (negro ALI) murder, genocide agents using anti-cortical broadcast (i.e. MASER) to cause pseudo-Parkinsonian effects in caucasion targets, BLACK ROCK murder agents or 'Nation of Islam' murder, genocide agents - (KKK) 'FARRAKHAN', FAR-RAD or FARAD agents, some are HEAL-RAD ('Christian' bio-essentialistic extortion-murder agents) - HERA (lesbian murder, genocide agents), CKBS or KKK 'Radio Bullshit' (Nebraska) neuro-homicide, anti-Swedish genocide agents (Finnish KKK in Nebraska, German KKK in Nebraska, Czech KKK in Nebraska - other variations of the FAR-CONE, FALCON (CKBS Falcon, Gopher, etc.), or K-ONE).

10/23am     SADIE HAWKINS BLEEDER (neuro-homicide) murder, genocide agents, 'NEW VALVE' or NEVADA (i.e. Nevada Smith) murder agents - NEVADA SHIN or "NEV'A"; so-called NOVA SHIN or RED SHIN or RUSSIAN SHIN or LATVIAN SHIN, etc., AARP ('Grey Panther') murder, genocide agents using CLIP-ON, KLIP-ON or 'CUTTY SARK' (Neuro-BUTCHER agents) CAROTID TIE or neuro-arterial/vascular constriction (electrostriction) homicide techniques - PLUS PRO or PLUS GRAND (anti-intellectual) murder, genocide, A. Chandler CHANDRATH cult (pseudo-Indic) murder agents, PHONON PORTAL or STILL PORTAL (SAHASRARA) murder, genocide agents - neuro-magnetic roping manipulation/subversion or 'puppeteering' agents, Zionist 'UPPER TAX B'RACKET' murder agents or BIZARRE (i.e. BAZAAR) AFFECT (cold-blooded murder) agents of the B'NAI B'RITH  'SUPER BRACKET' murder clique (Zionists with retarded outlooks concerning their 'intrinsic superiority' to others on basis of their socio-economic status in society) - SUBRA murder clique.  Why would the label 'SUPER BRACKET' cause a person to feel anything but embarrassment? - since it is obviously a label constructed by what are mentally retarded observations of 'superiority' to others.  Supposedly, there are 'narrow-minded geniuses' as well as the traditionaly broad-minded type, yet a 'narrow-minded genius' has a pat answer for everything, and is, therefore, a contradiction, if thought to be a 'genius', M. Larkin, T. Larkin, R. Larkin, etc. (neuro-homicide agents) or so-called 'Meadowlark' and 'Meadowgold' extortion-murder agents.

10/23pm     EXTREME ADDICTS ('Meadowgold' extortion-murder front) and THE PRAGMATIST (so-called 'USE' agents (addicted to human bio-essential 'feed' or life-extortion-murder feed) - 'USE' = U.S. Enterprise (usually Zionist retarded, by identification)), and PRAGMATISM = AMERICAN FORK or 'SAHIB', MEM-SAHIB (neuro-homicidal MEMSA agents or anti-intelligence agents on the Zionist far-right) - the FORK agents are, apparently, to be identified with KFOR radio (station) in Lincoln, NE, and with the K-PLUMBER agents or 'KNIGHT' agents - so-called MEMORY AID agents (neuro-homicidal extortion and neuro-charge density or neuro-contential transfer agents) or MAID agents.  Hence, the terms AMERICAN MAID and AMERICAN MADE are discernible, TOUPÉE agents (i.e. TOUPIE or 'TOP' and 'SPIN' agents - using quantum-mechanical broadcast techniques for neuro-homicidal purposes) - TOUR DE MAL agents and TOUR DE MAUX agents (Tower of Harm - a play on the radio-television towers used to mount the acoustic MASER neuro-torture apparattus).